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VeronicaVeetch_Cover_CoreSourceYou could win one of 30 advance reader editions of our charming picture book, for kids 4 and up!

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More Praises For Veronica Veetch!

Literary bloggers have declared:

“Whimsical rhyme and joyful spunk make it impossible not to get caught up in Veronica’s excitement as she side-steps hurtful words and swirls an invitation into the enchanting world of literature.  The mixture of sketch and colored illustrations meld with spouts of higher-vocabulary to create a complexity without slamming doors on anyone. And that is the point. The treasure trove of knowledge and imagination knows no bounds and is open to everyone.” — Tonja Drecker, Bookworm for Kids

“The 5,000 Friends of Veronica Veetch is a fun, Seussical adventure. Written in a rhyming style that would make the top-hatted cat proud, Jean Hanson has created something with a powerful message that can teach kids the value and importance of books, reading, and the adventures and enjoyment possible through literature.” —Dick Leonardo, Book Room Reviews

“Armchair traveler extraordinaire, Veronica Veetch, has five thousand books and she knows how to use them.” —Lauri Fortino, Frog on a Blog

Beloved Novelist and Indie Bookstore Owner Ann Patchett Reviews Veronica Veetch!

VeronicaVeetch_Cover_CoreSourceThe illustrious Ann Patchett has taken the time to review Veronica Veetch and had great things to say:

“The 5,000 Friends of Veronica Veetch manages to warn against the perils of snap judgment and extol the wonders of friendly books in such beguiling rhyme that it doesn’t seem like a lesson at all. In fact, what it seems like is pure joy. Hooray for Jean Hanson and Launie Parry for giving us this wonderful book.”

’24 Hour Library’ Loves Veronica Veetch

Our most recent review is in for Veronica Veetch from Abby Hargreaves, author of the 24 Hour Library blog.  She proclaims:

“An ode to all things books and self-education, Veronica Veetch is a joy for children and adults alike. The scrapbook-like feel and unexpected beginning come together for an experience with plenty of lessons and tongue-twisting fun. Hanson achieves complexity that reaches for the profound while remaining accessible for all.” – Abby Hargreaves, 24 Hour Library 

A Teacher Reviews Veronica Veetch

“A fantastic book with a powerful message for kids of all ages!  Lovely rhythm and rhyme.  The lesson about first impressions creates a perfect talking point with students.  The higher-level vocabulary also sets high expectations and another engagement with pupils.  The love of books would be a perfect way to open the year’s book corner for any classroom.  The illustrations are engaging and a pleasure to look at. I know I’ll be using this one in my classroom but would also recommend to every parent.” — Kathy Korth, teacher, Tollgate Primary School

Extra! Extra! ‘Advice From A Caterpillar’ Is Spreading The News

A big thanks to Advice from a Caterpillar for spreading the news that we are accepting submissions for humorous children’s and young adult fiction books. Peggy Tibbetts, the author of Advice from a Caterpillar, outlines what we are looking for and a brief overview of our company.

Read the full post here! And if you would like to submit a work of your own, here is a link to our submission form.

More Reviews Coming in for Veronica Veetch!

Two more reviews for Veronica Veetch have come in, and they’re are as glowing as the first.

“Yes! I’m constantly telling my students that books can take them on fantastic adventures. Plus, Veronica is a girl after my own heart.  Like her, I’m always sad when a book comes to an end. But the good news is, whenever one ends, another can begin!” — Jackie Giehm, 2nd grade teacher, Gateway Polytechnic Academy

“The layers of messages in The 5,000 Friends of Veronica Veetch are as plentiful as Veronica’s vocabulary. A wonderful read-aloud for parents, teachers, and fellow librarians, with many teachable points on friendship, love of literature, vocabulary, and so much more. That it is so fun to read (and listen to) is just icing on the cake!”— Kristin Mortenson, Media Specialist, Hayden Valley Elementary


The Newest Review for Veronica Veetch Is In!


Our first review from a librarian herself, Sarah Kostin, declares:

“Featuring utterly charming and whimsical illustrations, Veronica Veetch is a Seussian frolic of dazzling, dancing, and unpredictable rhymes that is sure to delight young readers. With panache and aplomb, Veronica sorts out her friendship troubles in the most kindhearted and literary way. A nod to book lovers, readers, and librarians everywhere who often find their very best friends and adventures in the pages of books.” — Sarah Kostin, MLIS, Youth Services Librarian, Bud Werner Memorial Library

New review for “You’re Here!”

elephantA new review is in for the first book of our Year-by-Year board-book series, You’re Here!.

Kristin Ammerman of, a women-run blog, had this to say about You’re Here!, “…a sweet book perfect for baby showers. The colors are soft and the illustrations sublime.” You’re Here! was featured as #2 in Ammerman’s 7 Board Books Perfect for Baby Showers.


5,000 Reasons “We Read Together” Loves Veronica Veetch

we read togetherOur first review is in for the upcoming release of The 5,000 Friends of Veronica Veetch!!!

We Read Together, a children’s literacy organization focused on tutoring and programs for lower income students, proclaims that “[Veronica Veetch] has the sort of wonder that kids can only access in the world of words, and what’s even better, it encourages them to go and discover that magic again and again in new books.”

Read the full review here