Cahoots reviews

Cahoots was a fun-filled story just like the rest of the books in this series. I loved the message and the surprise ending, and I especially appreciated the glossary in the back of the book with all the “C” words. I loved Aldo’s humorous drawings as well as his insights into his life; and I was glad to see that his cartoon strip, Bacon Boy, was back!” – Julie Peterson, Booking Mama blog

“One of my students from last year has come back to borrow BOGUS and CAHOOTS, and students from this year’s class who have fallen in love with Aldo are planning to come back to my room next year to borrow DUMBSTRUCK and EGGHEAD! Keep them coming, Karla and Kendra!!!” – Mary Lee Hahn, A Year of Reading review blog

“I love how new vocabulary is introduced in these books – they sneak it right in and kids just read it and never know they are learning excellent vocabulary words at the same time!! You will laugh out loud – I guarantee it – the books are THAT funny. AND it is reminiscent of the Wimpy Kid series format so I really can not say it enough – this will be a hit with those readers.” – Becky Bilby, In the Pages review blog

“This is a fun series that my students adore. Aldo heads to the country to visit his family in this installment and tries to survive with no technology for a week.” – katsok,

“Third volume in a zany alphabetical title series, “Cahoots” is an Aldo Zelnick Comic Adventure novel for 7-13 year-olds. If you liked “Artsy-Fartsy” and “Bogus” You’ll love “Cahoots,” the story of Aldo’s disastrous vacation family visit to a technology-free farm in Minnesota. Think of it as a dude ranch with cows and pigs and no electronic amenities. The book is in half comic illustration, half text form which makes it appealing to middle school and younger readers. As in earlier volumes, “Cahoots” ends with a glossary of amazing new vocabulary words beginning with “C” used in the story. “Cahoots” is full of wild and crazy moments and experiences, and Aldo provides his own unique perspective on each hair-raising event. Who would have thought there could be this much excitement on such a remote little Minnesota farm?” – Midwest Book Review

“…a must for your elementary school reader.” – Christy, Reader’s Cove bookstore, Fort Collins, CO


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