Cahoots reviews

Children’s Reviews

“Poor Aldo Zelnick,  no electronics and he’s stuck with healthy snacks and smelly feet.  That sounds just like my house! I liked the chapter “Who Ya Gonna Call?’ because Aldo and Timothy find out the farm DOES have electronics. (Hint, they didn’t call the Ghostbusters!)  I loved the way the twins talked with words that other people can’t understand, like jeeby-jo.  The word galleries in the back of the books (Artsy-Fartsy and Bogus and Cahoots) are totally awesome because I have learned a lot of new words.  I love these alphabet books!” – Sigrid, age 8, sister to two older brothers and they both have smelly feet.

“Cahoots is a funny mystery that will surprise you….READ IT!  You’ll LOVE IT!!  Read Artsy-Fartsy and Bogus too,  because it is a great way to relax and have a laugh.  Aldo is  hilarious! You might even get some ideas of what to do this summer, Aldo Zelnick style.  The illustrations are so cool, too.” Mattias, Age 10, And no, I don’t have smelly feet!

Adult Reviews

“Hi Karla, I wanted to tell you that my daughter Lily, third grader extraordinaire, got Cahoots from the Easter Bunny.  She has read it at least twice and snorted through it both times.  She was also inspired to re-read Artsy-Fartsy and Bogus.  You really have a fan in the O’Connor house (two actually).  Thanks for another great book. I am moving to the Elementary level in the Fall.  I will be moving from Blevins to Putnam.  I hope we can get you and your partner in crime there sometime during the school year.” – Martin O’Connor

“Aldo Zelenick is back again and on a miserable family trip to his aunt and uncle’s farm. No video games, no television and no computer. What’s a boy to do? He isn’t sure what is worse: the rooster waking him every morning or his crazy twin cousins, who he’s sure are out to get him.” – Minnesota Parent, summer reading bonanza, intermediate readers

“Without a doubt, The Aldo Zelnick comic series is one to look for! From adults to young children all who open the pages and peer into Aldo’s world will discover something to love, laugh at and learn from. In Cahoots watch as Aldo gets reacquainted with family he hasn’t seen in some time, not only because of distance but because of his lack of time away from any piece of technology. He braves the elements and learns that life on a technology-free farm with cantankerous twin cousins and conniving family may be less copacetic than he thought it was going to be. A hilariously illustrated graphic novel that should be enjoyed by all, Cahoots is the best of The Aldo Zelnick series to date!” – Danielle Smith, There’s a Book review blog

Nancy Hansford, the local authors columnist for the Coloradoan, chronicles her grandson clambering for Cahoots. “He read Cahoots every morning at breakfast until he finished and is now looking forward to the next ones. Conner said, ‘Cahoots is an amazing story. I can’t wait for Dumbstruck and Egghead to come out.'”

Cahoots appears in Mailbox Monday on Write for a Reader. Guest contributor Rose City Reader praises Cahoots. “‘The humorous plot turns and lively drawings in this book will captivate both enthusiastic and reluctant young readers. This third installment in an A-to-Z alphabet series features a vocabulary-building glossary of cool words starting with the letter C, including conniption, charisma, and cattywampus.”


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