School visit testimonials

“Karla and Kendra were so great with our students!  They were enthusiastic and warm with the kids.  I was very impressed with their presentation which included great content about how to instill a love of reading, drawing, and writing in students.  The kids can’t wait for the next books to come out-they ask me every day!  Thank you for such a wonderful book series that is well suited to many ages.” – Sandy Schierman, Linton Elementary Media Specialist

“My son, Marshall (10-4th grade) enjoyed the book and was excited to meet both the author and illustrator.  He was not a big on writing, but since the visit is excited to go to the class Karla and Kendra are putting on in July.   My daughter Zoey (6- kinder)  loves the book, talks about it constantly and thinks Kendra is the queen of illustrating and super cool too.  She draws bacon boy all the time.  Meeting Karla gave Zoey that extra push to start reading independently.    I know that their friends all talked about the visit and how cool it was even after months had passed.  I believe that it changed the way some of the children thought about reading. . .I helped arrange for Karla and Kendra to visit Afflerbach Elementary after my son, Marshall, discovered the Aldo Zelnick series. Marshall and his sister, Zoey, love the books and were so excited to meet both the author and the illustrator! After the visit, all the kids were talking about how cool it was—even months later. I also believe it changed the way some of the children think about reading.” — Ilaine Brown, parent volunteer, Afflerbach Elementary

“Thank you so much for sharing Aldo and company. Your joy of reading and writing is contagious, and it was fabulous hearing the process you go through.” — Dolores Thornley, elementary school media specialist, Rice Elementary

“Thank you so much for coming to talk at Bethke! The kids (and parents) were so excited to see you. We were very luck to have you here. We appreciate your time and passion for writing.” — The Bethke Elementary media center staff

“Karla and Kendra teamed up to put on a series of assemblies with a pro-reading message that engaged all of our students, from kindergarten through fifth grade! The kids loved discovering how ideas become books, and how a writer and an illustrator work together.” — Beth Knees, G/T Coordinator, Kruse Elementary

“We really enjoyed Karla and Kendra ‘s visit to Shepardson Elementary. The kids love their books and were really excited to meet them. It was a real highlight for our event! The kids were able to hear about the process of writing, illustrating  and publishing a book. We highly recommend Karla and Kendra! Thank you.” — Shepardson PTO


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