Aldo’s an “endearing narrator” with a “deadpan sense of humor,” says the Children’s Buyer at Left Bank Books

Aw shucks. Sarah, the Children’s Buyer at St. Louis indie Left Bank Books, has discovered Aldo Zelnick..and loves him! She even chose the series as the store’s Holiday Pick: Best for Reluctant Readers.

On her blog, Page Appropriate, she posted a thoughtful review of the first four books in the series. A taste:

“(Aldo) is an endearing narrator.  His deadpan sense of humor is enjoyable even for adults.  The illustrations are well-matched to the writing style:  clever and well-done enough to be enjoyable, but retaining a childish simplicity.  The lessons put forth are worthwhile:  Not to worry about what others think of your interests since everyone has a little something they geek out about, not to be selfish and to consider others, not to rely on technology for all your entertainment and how to deal with first crushes.  The characters are charming and diverse, ranging from the homeschooled tomboy (who still likes to draw flowers) to the new boy in school who happens to be deaf.  As a great bonus, the alphabetical focus leads each book to focus on vocabulary beginning with a different letter.  The words are peppered throughout the story (mostly very naturally) and marked with an asterisk that leads to a glossary (or “word gallery”) at the end of the book with definitions written in Aldo’s entertaining style.  Each book is a fast-paced, enjoyable light read, perfect for the kid (or parent) looking for a transition from comics to chapter books.”

Karla and Kendra hope to visit St. Louis and Left Bank in 2012!


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