“I’ve been waiting for a series to come along that could knock Wimpy Kid off its pedestal as the most popular series in my library. Well, this may be it: the Aldo Zelnick Comic Novels.”

“These are an action-packed alphabet series with laugh-out-loud, smart, fast-moving stories.  The slapstick comic illustrations provide spot-on kid humor.  In Bogus, Aldo, a believable kid with quirky charm, finds what he thinks is a bogus diamond.  In reality, it is not…and carries a$1000 reward.  He loses the ring, and must solve the mystery of its whereabouts.  In the process, the good karma from helping those in need becomes more important than the monetary reward.  Wait…you will love Aldo even more  as an impressive linguist who incorporates challenging “B” vocabulary words in his Bogus sketchbook, with explanations in the “B” Gallery in the back of the book.  Save room on your shelves…for 26 volumes.  Move over Wimpy Kid!” — Donna Dannenmiller, Teacher-Librarian, Lincoln Elementary, Olympia, WA


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