Creative Child Magazine Picks Dumbstruck as Book of the Year!

We’re uncharacteristically speechless. We were just notified that Dumbstruck and Egghead, the two newest books in the Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel Series, written by Karla Oceanak and illustrated by Kendra Spanjer, have been honored by Creative Child magazine in their 2012 children’s products awards program!

Dumbstruck—2012 Book of the Year Award, Kids’ Fiction category
Egghead—2012 Preferred Choice Award, Kids’ Fiction category

Each year, Creative Child holds a 2-day event is held in Henderson, Nevada, where over a hundred guest reviewers (moms and education professionals) are invited to attend a review event at the local convention center. All products are divided into categories and displayed at various review stations. Guest reviewers are asked to sit and review each products at one station and then move to another station and so forth and so on. A review form is provided to each guest to aid them in evaluating each product. The review forms are to include written comments and a score value based on criteria that corresponds to the product’s category.

Finally all review forms are collected, scores tabulated, and comments reviewed. Finalists are determined for the DVD, CD, Book, Game and Toy of the Year categories. One book in each category is then selected as Book of the Year. Finalists not chosen as Book of the Year for their category receive a prestigious Preferred Choice award.

Look for both Dumbstruck and Egghead to be featured in Creative Child‘s special holiday issue this November!


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