Glitch is “the gift that keeps on giving”

“My son & I love the Aldo Zelnick Comic Novels written by Karla Oceanak and illustrated by Kendra Spanjer,” writes Denise B. on her blog SoCal City Kids. “We’ve read all of them starting with Artsy-Fartsy. Glitch is the seventh title in the award-winning series. This book continues with the laugh-out-loud adventures of 10-year-old Aldo Zelnick. The holiday season has arrived and Aldo grows a little greedy when he comes up with a plan to get glorious gifts galore, a plan he fondly refers to as Triple G. But will he get away with it under the gaze of Gnome-in-the-Home Griswold? We couldn’t stop laughing and wondering how this fun book would end. Would Aldo get all the gifts he asked for or none at all? This one was so fun to read that we read it during two bedtime story-times! We just couldn’t put it down. The perfect book for this holiday season!”


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