Aldo and friends featured in Colorado Country Life magazine

This year’s April edition of Colorado Country Life magazine features a great story on the Aldo Zelnick series. The piece is written by the lovely and talented Christine Goold and the magazine’s cover boasts a captivating cover of Aldo and his two closest friends. This story covers everything from the history, hard work, and humor that go into every Aldo Zelnick book.

Check out an excerpt or link to the full story below.

Country lifeFort Collins children’s author and book publisher Karla Oceanak had a dream: Create a series of quality books that elementary-age kids (especially boys) would read and covet as much as the comic books and humorous novels that her three young sons adored, yet would also enrich their lives and minds.

Thus were born the award-winning Aldo Zelnick comic novels…

“Our purpose is simple: to produce books kids love to read,” sums up Oceanak on the webpage of Bailiwick Press, the publishing company she and Spanjer, along with graphic designer Launie Parry, started in 2009. “Bailiwick’s books for kids teach, inspire and delight. As we develop our children’s books, we work with teachers and other educators to make sure they will be equally at home in the classroom as they are on kids’ nightstands.”
Or as Spanjer and Oceanak quipped in a recent interview, “Our books are vitamin-fortified ‘Wimpy Kid.’”
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