Early Amazon Reviewers Love Goodnight Unicorn!

The early reviews for Goodnight Unicorn are starting to pop up, and the readers are in love!
“Very creative and whimsical.”— Carina
“This book is nothing but sweet, with pretty illustrations in the spirit of the original book.” — Word Lover
“Such an adorable book. It has become my kids’ favorite immediately.” — MicheleLK
“My daughter loves the storyline and the pictures. Excellent job.” — Chef Scott
“A pretty book, lovely drawings…sure to be a magical goodnight favorite. Cute and good for both genders.” — Melaina Lara
“The exotic colors and patterns stimulate the senses and capture the imagination.”
— Retired Teacher
“This is a very sweet, very well drawn, book…VERY highly recommended for unicorn junkies.” — Armin Tamzarian
“I think any unicorn lover would love to have this book.” — Nia