More Reviews Coming in for Veronica Veetch!

Two more reviews for Veronica Veetch have come in, and they’re are as glowing as the first.

“Yes! I’m constantly telling my students that books can take them on fantastic adventures. Plus, Veronica is a girl after my own heart.  Like her, I’m always sad when a book comes to an end. But the good news is, whenever one ends, another can begin!” — Jackie Giehm, 2nd grade teacher, Gateway Polytechnic Academy

“The layers of messages in The 5,000 Friends of Veronica Veetch are as plentiful as Veronica’s vocabulary. A wonderful read-aloud for parents, teachers, and fellow librarians, with many teachable points on friendship, love of literature, vocabulary, and so much more. That it is so fun to read (and listen to) is just icing on the cake!”— Kristin Mortenson, Media Specialist, Hayden Valley Elementary