Veronica Veetch Coming This September!

VeronicaVeetch_Cover_CoreSourceThe 5,000 Friends of Veronica Veetch is a full-color picture book for young, aspiring literary enthusiasts and old-hat bibliophiles. Join Veronica Veetch, a seemingly well-traveled, cultured, and precocious young girl, as she encounters some trouble when her classmates decide she is too snooty for them.

Have you ever wished to travel to Chile, learn to fence, or have tiramisu? Discover Veronica Veetch’s secret in this jaw-dropping story, as you remember to never judge a book by its cover. Grab a cup of tea as you come along for the adventure, and make new “friends” with Veronica Veetch.

The 5,000 Friends of Veronica Veetch is a new book by Jean Hanson. She has written essays and short stories for grown-ups, appearing in a multitude of magazines. A graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop, she has been recognized with a Pushcart Prize nomination, the Hackney Prize, and many other accolades. Launie Parry, the illustrator, is an award-winning graphic designer whose work has brought many books to life. This is the first book she has both designed and illustrated. Both the author and illustrator reside in Colorado.

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Distributed by Legato Publishers Group, an affiliate of Publishers Group West; ISBN 978-1-934649-27-5; $17.95 USA; Juvenile Fiction (ages 4 to 8); hardcover (paper-over-board), 32 pages; 10” x 10”; color illustrations.


Goodnight Unicorn named a Summer Essential

Summer is just around the corner, and over at POPSUGAR. they’re already thinking of things to keep kids engaged during their break . Goodnight Unicorn made the list!Pick up your copy before school’s out!

Frog on a Blog Loves Goodnight Unicorn

Frog on a Blog says, “I enjoyed this book thoroughly, from the beautiful lyrical language to the bright, whimsical illustrations, depicting a myriad of mythical (and adorable) creatures, including fairies, trolls, gnomes, and more.”

Check out the full review here.

Goodnight Unicorn is Available Now!

Goodnight Unicorn is now available for purchase through Amazon! As always, you can purchase any book from Bailiwick Press through our store, here.

More Reviews for Goodnight Unicorn

The reviews are pouring in for Goodnight Unicorn. Here’s what people had to say:

“This is great for the youngest unicorn fans. It’s easy to read and gentle enough to fit as a bedtime story. And the illustrations fit into sweet dreams.” — Bookworm for Kids

“Lovers of unicorns will become lost in the story and will enjoy every minute” — Mrs. Mommy Booknerd’s Review

“To say this book was a hit would be an understatement. She adores this book.” — Pampered_Prepper

“A fun, lively tribute to a time-honored classic that is sure to please unicorn lovers.” — D. Vance

“The pictures are bright, vivid, and engaging. Even the bronies get a goodnight shout out!” — Ryan Starling

“This is the most adorable book that I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend this book to one and all, young and old.” — Theresa M. Studer

Looking for a Gift for Beer Lovers?

Goodnight Brew has made its way to a few different gift guides. Check out what people are saying:

” For adults who lover beer so much they want it as their bedtime story.” — Burning Brothers Brewing

“This parody may be the best beer gift ever.” — Gift Poet

“For any child who grew up ending every night with Goodnight Moon, you can still feel like a kid at heart —unlike your stomach, which is probably full of beer.” — The Daily Dot

Goodnight Brew is every beer lover’s dream” — The Mustache

Bailiwick Press has joined the Independent Book Publishers Association

“IBPA’s mission is to lead and serve the independent publishing community through advocacy, education, and tools for success.”

Early Amazon Reviewers Love Goodnight Unicorn!

The early reviews for Goodnight Unicorn are starting to pop up, and the readers are in love!
“Very creative and whimsical.”— Carina
“This book is nothing but sweet, with pretty illustrations in the spirit of the original book.” — Word Lover
“Such an adorable book. It has become my kids’ favorite immediately.” — MicheleLK
“My daughter loves the storyline and the pictures. Excellent job.” — Chef Scott
“A pretty book, lovely drawings…sure to be a magical goodnight favorite. Cute and good for both genders.” — Melaina Lara
“The exotic colors and patterns stimulate the senses and capture the imagination.”
— Retired Teacher
“This is a very sweet, very well drawn, book…VERY highly recommended for unicorn junkies.” — Armin Tamzarian
“I think any unicorn lover would love to have this book.” — Nia

The Reviews Are In!

Goodnight Unicorn is starting to make its way into the hands of readers. Here’s what they have to say:

“Touching, sweet, and full of fun, Goodnight Unicorn is a magical addition to any child’s bookshelf. This perfect bedtime story will surely have boys and girls dreaming happily of unicorns. A story to read over and over!”—Jessica Burkhart, author of the Unicorn Magic series

“A truly whimsical way to gallop into the sweetest of dreams!” — Jessica S. Marquis, author of Raising Unicorns

“This brilliant parody of the nighttime classic will have fantasy lovers clamoring for more. The author charmingly sends the reader swirling into a world of enchantment. A must have for all unicorn lovers, young and old.”—Pam Calvert, author of Princess Peepers

“For unicorn die-hards…”— Vicky Smith, Kirkus Reviews

“A wonderful story with gorgeous, magical artwork. My grandchildren loved the book.”
— Noreen Fredriksen

“Full of whimsy and beautiful illustrations… a wonderful bedtime read for unicorn lovers, Goodnight Moon lovers, and fanciful story lovers alike. My little one has requested it every night since we received our copy.” —Jessica Leigh

“A fun, whimsical read…The illustrations are absolutely beautiful, which only adds to the joy of reading it!” —Aunjuli

“I read it during story time at my family’s childcare, and all the kids loved it. Goodnight Moon was one of my favorite books as a child, but Goodnight Unicorn would have been my favorite if I had it then. I love this book and will keep it to share with all the little people who come into my life.” —Darcee Kraus


“We are in love with this sweet beautiful book. The rhymes are cute and often funny, the drawings are gorgeous, and the story is just very sweet. Our kids, ranging in age from 1-7, all enjoy this book, and it’s quickly become a family favorite bedtime story.” — Penguin Chick

“If you are a unicorn lover, neither you nor your child will be disappointed. There are beautiful unicorns of every color, shape, and size.” — Wandrwoman

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Good Morning Brew Makes Rohan Marley’s Holiday Gift Guide

GMBAre you looking for the perfect holiday gift for the coffee lover in your life? Rohan Marley’s Gift Guide says Good Morning Brew is “A colorful, light hearted book for the enjoyment of every coffee lover.”

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